What clients are saying about F.I.T.PROS

 "After doing F.I.T.PROS for about a year now, training has taught me to push myself. I would have never gotten to this point in the program if I hadn't pushed my body to the limit, or been fully committed. I'm so thankful that F.I.T.PROS saw my potential and believed in me since the very beginning."

- Owen Douphner, Student Athlete


“Before I started training, I always had back pain and thought that that was just the price of playing volleyball and there wasn't anything I could really do about it. After training for approximately four months, I am doing things I couldn't even attempt of doing before. I initially started training because I had blown out my knee and was out for four months. I thought we were just going to work on my legs and getting my knee to where it was before, but they took the time during my privates to help me with my nutrition and rehabbing my back as well. Now I've lost almost 30 pounds, don't have back pain, and my legs are stronger than ever, squatting over 200 pounds! The feeling of doing things you never thought you could accomplish is truly amazing and I never could have gotten stronger than I've ever been without F.I.T.PROS and how much they truly care about everyone that trains. I’m looking forward to continuing to train and focus on increasing my vertical to reach my true genetic potential.”

 - Shelby Grubbs, Legacy Volleyball 17 Elite


"FITPROS has been an amazing experience for me! I have learned so much about strength training, diet practices, and it has helped me tremendously in volleyball. I can really feel myself getting stronger! I have increased my vertical by 4 inches in only 3 months!" 

-Tyson, Student Athlete 

"This training program gets results. Over the eight months I have trained my vertical has increased past 10 feet, gained muscle mass, and am able to squat well over my body weight. All of these factors have helped to greatly increase my overall volleyball performance. I feel confident that the strength I have gained with F.I.T.PROS will transfer over when I continue my career at Columbia University." 

-Kaitlin, Student Athlete 

"​When I first stated F.I.T.PROS, I consistently had knee pain. Since then, they have helped me stabilize my knee pain and strengthen it . I increased my vertical 2 inches and also squat almost double my body weight. I feel my performance getting better in volleyball practice and conditioning class." 

-Olivia, Student Athlete

"FITPROS is a great way to get and/or stay in shape without getting bored with your workout. The group training sessions provide a friendly, competitive atmosphere, and the trainers push you hard without going outside your physical limitations. The workouts are always motivating, dynamic and challenging. Although working out has always been a part of my lifestyle, Fitpros has really helped to boost my performance and get me back into the shape I was in when I played sports in high school."

-Evanne, Graduate Student

"Great fitness investment for everyone! First of all I want to thank Felipe and Jamal for making my workouts a pleasant experience.  Before I started with Fitpros I thought to myself that bootcamp would be too hard for me since I have never been the athletic type, and that everyone was going to be screaming at you. Not the case.  Everyone is very kind and ultimately there to achieve the same fitness goals. The workouts are great and the results even better. I have lost over 30+ pounds and feeling better than ever! Although I have not reached my final goal Fitpros is always looking for ways to making it happen. Overall this is a great experience for me, keeping me healthy and active with tons of energy to burn with my family and loved ones. Thanks FITPROS!!"

- Felix, Paralegal 

"Three months ago the thought of joining was unsettling to me, so I continued with my halfhearted attendance at the gym. But once I made the decision to fully commit to becoming healthy, I knew I needed to make a big change. I signed up for the F.i.t.pros program and after the first class I was hooked! I enjoy working out with like-minded individuals who continually push and encourage me. I can always count on the workouts to be dynamic and challenging but always within my capabilities thanks to the personalized approach the trainers take. I have lost over 30 pounds and my body has changed and the results speak for themselves. I have slimmed down, become stronger, and have gained more energy. Although I still have a long journey ahead of me, with the help of F.I.T.PROS, I know I can achieve my fitness goal."

-Jacqueline,  Medical Student

"F.I.T.PROS  is great. It's just what I needed. Personal training cost too much and the group training is great way to save money and provides a team atmosphere of people all working towards the same goal. Whether you're a mom who hasn't worked out in years or someone who works out religiously, you'll be challenged. They harp a lot of things many trainers and bootcamps don't, such as nutrition and flexibility. Will definitely be doing the next program!"

-Jamal R. Former Collegiate Athlete

"My husband and I are in our 70's and love an active life. Unfortunately-time and of course"wear and tear" have presented challenges to keeping fit. Felipe Samano has been our miracle worker fitness trainer. He has customized a challenging, uniquely personal and outstanding training program for each of us. My husband still works as a dentist and exercises daily. I can still ski, hike and take dance classes. It is not magic-it is a highly trained and extraordinary fitness expert that has taught us how to accommodate our challenges and still stay in the game."

-Connie & Harvey DDS

"Working out with F.I.T.PROS  has been a blessing. I remember starting to train when I could barley do three pushups and not being able to do a pull-up. I am now able to do countless pushups and 20+ pull-ups but thats not everything. Thier training regimen is great and they always keeps it fun. What really caught my attention was Felipe's attitude. Training privately with him and through his bootcamp, I always had a smile on my face. Everyone is motivated and pushing each other to reach far beyond their goals. He pushed me from almost being forced to lift weight to looking forward to the next session. I highly recommend training privately or through his bootcamp. It was an experience that has given me a stable foundation and now has given me great confidence."

-Nico, Junior College Student

"Felipe has been my trainer for a long time now and has trained me to reach my weight loss goals. F.I.T.PROS has a great dedication to their clients and they really care about their health and happiness. They have high goals and they pursue them with so much motivation and passion. I have never had a Fitness program that I was more happy with until I trained with F.I.T.PROS."

-Nicole, Student