5 Delicious Ways to Soothe Your Cold

1) Hot and Sour Soup. Hot and soothing is good, but if you can add some spice to it, that's even better. (And by the way, all that salt is also helpful.) Chinese hot and sour soup clears the sinuses and gives you a little bit of a buzz so you can hang on until bedtime.

2) Pho. Along the same lines as hot and sour soup, but Vietnamese-style! This spicy, fish-sauce-spiked beef noodle soup is another dish that's easier to get via delivery.

3) Swedish bilberry and rose hip soups. Apparently they're winter staples in Sweden. The rose hip soup is especially rich in vitamin C. You can drink these hot or cold, and you can buy mixes online -- search for Ekstroms brand "blbrssoppa" and "nyponsoppa."

4) Hot toddy. Keep these ingredients handy in your kitchen in case of emergency! A hot toddy can be made with brandy or rum, but I think whiskey works best. Heat that with some fresh lemon juice, honey, and a cinnamon stick. Ahhh, so much tastier than NyQuil and just as effective!

5) Ginger tea. Like the hot toddy, this is easy to whip up at home as long as you're stocked with the right ingredients. It's great how ginger warms your throat on its way down when you're feeling scratchy. It's a lot like a hot toddy, but no alcohol.